Glann ar Mor Distillery is located facing the sea at the far end of the “Wild Peninsula”, housed in the buildings of an old farm settled here since a long time as on can read the date of “1668” on one of its lintels.



A craftsmen’s distillery with a voluntarily limited production capacity, Glann ar Mor is nonetheless a full distillery, including all the equipment which goes with it : the process starts with the raw malt arriving as grain and finishes with the bottling on site.

By its general design, by the choices made for its equipments and by the process which has been retained, all has been done to make of Glann ar Mor a traditional and “no compromise” distillery, with the aim of producing whiskies devoid from any concession in their quality and in their authenticity.


This evocation of a traditional distillery from the past century is not very different from what Glann ar Mor looks like,
even if the two traditional pot stills are heated by gas rather than by coal


The mashtun with its copper dome


The worm tub condensers


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