A Single Malt of a clearly peated character (about 40 ppm of phenols) at the same time as it singularizes itself by an aromatic profile offering a rare balance between the smoke of the peat and a fruitiness which one usually do not find in whiskies distilled with peated malt.

kornogThe classic expression of Kornog is the Roc’h Hir matured in Bourbon barrels and bottled at 46%.

Every year in May are being bottled the Kornog Sant Ivy, at cask strength from a carefully selected single Bourbon barrel, and the Kornog Sant Erwan which is bottled at 50% and is also coming from a single Bourbon barrel.


Some other bottlings of Kornog coming from Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso Sherry butts are also occasionally available.

Kornog was elected “European Whisky of the Year” in the “Whisky Bible 2016” from Jim Murray.


A Single Malt which is the non peated expression of the distillery of which it takes its name and which comes from Bourbon barrels, bottled at 46%.
Another expression of Glann ar Mor is also regularly available being distilled from Maris Otter Barley, an ancient variety of barley.
Occasionally other bottlings having been matured in casks other than Bourbon barrels are being offered.


The first French whisky made from 100% of rye, currently unavailable.


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